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Poetry Periodicals


Journey of the Heart


"Panic", "Three Haiku for the Wisdom Path, Lantau Island, Hong Kong"

Qutub Minar Review, April 2023

"Pollock's Dance"

The Ekphrastic Review, March 2023

"In Memory of Claudius Cossus", "Avian Odes--My Grackle"

Wordsfestzine 2022

"Crossing Lines"

Wordcity Literary Journal


"Transgender Anthem"

Journey of the Heart


"Nocturne":  The Ekphrastic Review, August 2022

"Night Train"

League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month 2022

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Shot Glass Journal Issue 36

"Storm" and "Bravery"

Wordsfestzine Issue 7

"Winter Sunrise"

Journey of the Heart


"Hannah's Lament"

The Stratford Quarterly

"Lost Songs" and "Soloist"

Journey of the Heart

"Night Flights"

Journey of the Heart

"The Ballad of Margaret Murphy"

WordCity Literary Journal

"Gossamer and Fireflies" and "Evening Star"

Journey of the Heart


"Three Haiku for Warbler Woods" and "Nocturne":

Beliveau Review Issue Six

"The Ant" and "Auschwitz ThrenodyPink Triangle":

Beliveau Review Issue Four

"Hatchlings":  Wordsfestzine Issue 6

"He"; "Tic"; "Intrusion":  Beliveau Review Issue Three


"Avian Odes--Canada Goose":  Watch Your Head

"Bluesman":  Beliveau Review Issue One

"Notre-Dame is Burning":  Synaeresis 12

"On Seeing The Little Shepherdess":  The Ekphrastic Review, July 2020

"In Memory of Claudius Cossus"; "Avian Odes—St. Lucian Parrot":  Synaeresis 9

"Down the Rabbit Hole":  Open Minds Quarterly, Fall 2019

"Strawberry Picking":  Wordsfestzine Issue 5

"For a Fellow Traveller":  League of Canadian Poets Fresh Voices 17

 "Night Train":  Big Pond Rumours Winter 2019


"David"; "Sistine Chapel"; "Foggy Evening":  Synaeresis 5

"Transgender Anthem":  Tuck Magazine Dec 6 2018

"Stares":  Wordsfestzine Issue 4

"East Wind":  Synaeresis 4

"The Great Wall"; "Carmanah Walbran":  Tuck Magazine

Apr 12 2018

"Words":  Wordsfestzine Issue 3

Reviews and Articles By Me

Hear Through the Silence

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A Song of Milestones:  $15 including Shipping

A poetic, emotional and spiritual tour of my gender journey

Shortlisted for the Big Pond Rumours Chapbook Prize

Available from Harmonia Press (an imprint of Beliveau Books)


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A Song of Milestones by Jennifer Wenn Fr
A Song of Milestones by Jennifer Wenn Ba

From Adversity to Accomplishment:  The Life and Family History of Harold Mays Wenn

  $30 including Shipping


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Anthologies and Other

"This Moment"

included in It's Your Move

by David, June and Marcie Wenn



Stones Beneath the Surface

Edited by Andreas Gripp

Print and free download from Black Mallard Poetry

"Kaleidoscope for the Invasion of Ukraine, February 24 2022"

Poems in Response to Peril

Edited by Penn Kemp and Richard-Yves Sitoski

For ordering email

"Notre-Dame Is Burning"


Edited by Andreas Gripp

Free download from Beliveau Books

"Three Haiku for Algonquin Park"; "Three Haiku for Turkey Point"

Things That Matter: Literature and Art Anthology Second Edition 

Edited by Sheila Tucker, Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews and Derik Hawley

Available from Amazon

"Transgender Anthem"

Forest City Open Mic for Poetry at the Mykonos

Season Anthology 2019-2020

Availability through

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