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Messages and Speeches
On Contemplating a Ruined Abbey
with music by Andrew Wenn
Crossing Lines.png
Crossing Lines 
      courtesy o
f The Indie YYC
Hannah's Lament
     with music by Andrew Wenn
Forth a Butterfly Thumbnail.jpg
Forth A Butterfly
     with music by Andrew Wenn
The Great Wall thumbnail.jpg
The Great Wall
     with music by Andrew Wenn
Canada Goose thumbnail.jpg
arbeit macht frei thumbnail.jpg
Auschwitz Threnody--Arbeit Macht Frei
     with music by Andrew Wenn
shepherdess thumbnail.jpg
On Seeing The Little Shepherdess
     Done for Our Pride Place, Pride
     London Ontario 2020 Festival
east wind thumbnail.jpg
East Wind
     with music by Andrew Wenn
rabbit hole thumbnail.jpg
Down the Rabbit Hole
     with music by Andrew Wenn
fellow traveller thumbnail.jpg
Phoenix thumbnail.jpg
Tdor thumbnail.jpg
Remembrance, Mourning and Hope
     Reflections on the Transgender Day of Remembrance
Courtesy of The Indie YYC
Courtesy of Richard-Yves Sitoski
Gossamer and Fireflies
Music by Graham Hatch
Lyrics by Jennifer Wenn and Graham Hatch

A lovely adaption and setting of my original poem of this name; see the Publications page for the original
Courtesy of Cyberwit
For a Fellow Traveller
     with music by Andrew Wenn
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